High Quality, Huge Quantity, Competitive Price

What we commit, we prove it, believe on quality, timely shipment and competitive price. With our mission, our products reach on different stores in all over the world

About Weave & Wear

We weave our fabrics for all type of wear. We weave our 80% fabrics on Air-jet looms and 20% fabrics on sulzer & Auto loom. Our monthly production is 2.8 Million meters in different widths 140cm up to 350cm. We are producing best quality products on competitive prices in large quantities. We are producing 100%Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate & also conventionally 100%Cotton & mix Polyester Cotton qualities for all type of wear.

Textile in Pakistan

Why the Pakistan is first choice for purchase of textile products?

• Pakistan is 4th largest country of its own cotton producer in the world.
• Pakistan has one of the largest canal irrigation systems in the world.
• Textile accounts for over 60% of the total exports
• Most modern & organized textile production set-ups (European, Japanese & American Machinery installed)
• More than 50 year history of accumulated textile know-how
• Well-established infrastructure of textile management and skill labor.


Pakistan has big name in textile sector in all over the world. Due to best quality & price, all major textile importers, stores, stockiest & wholesalers buy from Pakistan.

Why 100%Cotton?

Simply for the human, cotton is most important thing for human life. Whenever we human injure, always treat with the help of cotton. That’s why cotton is always preferable fiber in all of our wear.